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Valentine Good and Evil

12 Feb

Valentine goodies- score!!

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and as I cruised through the Target dollar spot I found some fun little stuff for kiddos. I am completely smitten with my BFF’s two daughters.  Yes, I have BFF, and no, I’m not 12 years old… thanks for asking.  They are sweet, and cute, and I like to send some fun mail now and then.  Grown up mail is all bills and advertising, that’s why kid mail is so awesome, it’s presents and FUN stuff!

I like to wrap everything individually, I always have. For one, it looks super cute like this. Second, it takes longer to open everything when it’s all wrapped and tied up with bows. And my third reason is the evil one… I put confetti in all these packages- every single one. I know, it’s not right, but it’s fun! Well, fun for me I mean. It will make their mother think about our friendship and what she may have done to wrong me. There’s nothing that she did, it’s just a character flaw of mine.

You know the cartoons where a person has an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other? Well, my angel says, “Send a little Valentine package to those sweet girls.” and I agree with the angel. Then the devil says, “Boobie trap and rig up that package to put glittery confetti allllll over their house!!” And then i agree with the devil.  So that’s where we stand- a Jekyll and Hyde Valentine extravaganza!!

A Very Zombie Valentine

29 Jan

mmmm, tastes like brains!


Howdy, y’all!  I have a sneaking suspicion you may be here looking for some zombie candy awesomeness, and you’re in the right spot.  If you’re looking for a daily dose of weird and wacky, then you’re also in the right spot!  I’m flattered that you’re here, and you know what would flatter me even more?  Can I be totally honest? I’d like it if you’d like me on Facebook.  There is a little like button over there to your right.

I’m totally shameless, and if you like me on Facebook I will give you one thousand smoochy kisses!!!

Oops, wait a second.  My husband said ix-nay on the oochy-smay isses-kay. Well, let’s see, time for plan B.  If you like me on Facebook I will smile.  Wow, that’s lame.  Ok, if you like me on Facebook I will… I will… I will name my first born child after you!  Dang it, I got vetoed on that one too.  Anyway, if you like me on Facebook I will like it.  I’ll  get back to you with what else will happen. I will marinate and ruminate, and procrastinate.  That’s about all I can say with you know who reading over my shoulder.  So go ahead and like me, and have faith that good things will come.  Or weird things will come.  Or at least you will get one more click out of your click-tastic mouse.

Hey, It’s That Valentine Guy!

23 Jan

Hey there, good looking!

This needle felted valentine heart is totally into you, and who can blame him?!  You’re the whole package, and everyone can tell- just sayin’.

I was out to make some calorie free valentines, you know, for those of us watching our figures.  The only problem is, I had to do something with the candy that came in this heart-shaped box… so much for my figure.  But YOUR figure is more important here, right?  Oh wait, did you think I was calling you fat?  Noooooo… well, maybe, but mostly no.  And now I think I’m digging myself a hole here, so I’m gonna call it quits on this post.  Happy early Valentine’s Day anyway!  Maybe you and I can mend our relationship over candy, because you can absolutely afford the calories.


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