Not Even the Hearts are Safe

28 Aug


Listen, I do my best to make sure the zombies are contained, but I am only one person.  They are amazingly sneaky, even though they are slow moving and noisy.  Wait, that sounds really hard to miss now that I spell it all out.   Maybe I’m unobservant… but this isn’t about ME, it’s about these cute little hearts, and the terrors of running a zombie sanctuary.

Just some hearts, nothing to see here.

So I made a bunch of these cute little hearts, and I’ve abandoned several of them as part of the art abandonment movement I’m part of.   I was photographing my latest hearty creations and cactus zombie was standing by.  Cactus zombie isn’t as mobile as the other zombies, being that he’s a plant with roots in a pot.  I mean, how far can he get?


Well… crap.  I can’t say how so many non-human objects become zombies around here.  I’d say it was a problem, but I am one of those people who believes everything happens for a reason.  And I kinda think the reason is that I’m not paying attention.  Don’t judge me!  I’m busy… n’stuff.

One Response to “Not Even the Hearts are Safe”

  1. Sue McG September 8, 2012 at 9:45 pm #

    Bwahahah, those zombies are very sneaky 🙂

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