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Not Even the Hearts are Safe

28 Aug


Listen, I do my best to make sure the zombies are contained, but I am only one person.  They are amazingly sneaky, even though they are slow moving and noisy.  Wait, that sounds really hard to miss now that I spell it all out.   Maybe I’m unobservant… but this isn’t about ME, it’s about these cute little hearts, and the terrors of running a zombie sanctuary.

Just some hearts, nothing to see here.

So I made a bunch of these cute little hearts, and I’ve abandoned several of them as part of the art abandonment movement I’m part of.   I was photographing my latest hearty creations and cactus zombie was standing by.  Cactus zombie isn’t as mobile as the other zombies, being that he’s a plant with roots in a pot.  I mean, how far can he get?


Well… crap.  I can’t say how so many non-human objects become zombies around here.  I’d say it was a problem, but I am one of those people who believes everything happens for a reason.  And I kinda think the reason is that I’m not paying attention.  Don’t judge me!  I’m busy… n’stuff.


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