Love From Above

15 Jul

The heart shaped meadow

There are so many reasons why I love this. I came across this story about a farmer who planted 600 oak trees in order to outline this heart shaped meadow. After his wife died suddenly, he spent weeks making this image as a tribute to her. The heart points toward the town where she grew up.

Janet and Winston Howes in 1960

I love the idea that this expression of love can only be seen from the sky.  It’s so large, yet hidden, and seeing it in these photos almost seems like spying.  As if I’m reading Winston’s lasting love letter to Janet.  Seriously- this slays me.

The romantic in me says that this heart is for Janet, not for us.  But what a gift this is for the people who happen upon it from the air- to see something uplifting and unexpected.   What better message to send than simply one of  love?

When I was growing up I wasn’t much for hearts.  I thought they were more sappy than sweet.  And then things changed, (mush factor alert!!) I fell in love.  Not just love- sweet, mushy, smoochy-kissy love.   Now that I’m in looooove, I can’t get enough hearts, and found mine melting when I saw this meadow.

I’ve recently started abandoning some of my artwork. Kind of the way this meadow was created and left for us to find.  And so far it has all been “heART work”, various heart motifs that I’ve made and left in public places for lucky strangers to find.   If I’m going to leave something unexpected for another person to find, I’d like it to be uplifting and positive like Winston’s heat.  I’ll give you more updates on the abandoned artwork front very soon.  If you’re interested in doing something similar, checkout this art abandonment Facebook group that was started by artist Michael DeMeng.

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