Not that I think you haven’t seen this, but just in case…

12 Apr

I am completely smitten with Caine!

If you haven’t heard about Caine’s Arcade, (and how could you not?!) please go watch the video right now! That’s right, don’t even finish reading this blog post. Go now- I’ll wait. Why are you still here you stubborn old goat!? GO! Go now!

Did you watch it? Ok then, now tell me you’re not at least a little bit overwhelmed by the outpouring of awesomeness. If you’re not, then you might be a robot. What’s that? You say you’re not a robot? Silly robot! That’s what you’ve been programmed to think!

Seriously though, I’m not even that much of a softy and I’m all verklempt. If you think you can’t change the world- you’re right. You can’t. BUT! And this is the big but, you can make someone’s day. And if you can make someone’s day, you could very possibly make an impact on their life. And if each of us did that a little bit more often, the world would change all on its own.

This act of kindness from a stranger started off with just one guy playing a cardboard arcade. And that one man, plus the power of the internet, has made a huge impact. And I’m not just talking about Caine, though he is the obvious beneficiary of this cyber-support. No way could Nirvan have known that THIS would be the result. No way could he have known that he’d get zillions of people thinking about taking the time to be nice.

Here is the other thing I love- that we are able to put a few bucks directly in the pocket of real people. Not that you’re not helping real people when you donate your time and/or money to organizations. But I am disappointed when I feel that the money I have given is being used to solicit me, and sometimes outright pester me, for more money. I don’t want to just feed it to a fund raising machine. I’d rather use it to buy fun passes.

Thank you George Monroy, for never telling your son he was using up all your tape. Excuse me, I have to go now. I think my keyboard is about to be ruined by water. The water from this little boy melting my cold, cold heart.

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