I Hate to Exercise

16 Apr

Mystery flower #1, not sure what this is, but it smells lovely.

That’s right, hate is a strong word- and I’m using it. And here’s another shocking statement- I’m a fatty. I bet you never expected someone who hates to exercise to be a chubster- right? Oh, you weren’t surprised? Well then, okay, I see how it is. Fair enough, the score is as follows: you 1, me 0.

I was begrudgingly taking a walk in the park today with the Trixter and the most patient husband in the world. Of course I was bitching all the way. Well, not alllll the way, because once we get half way done, then the exercise is at least half over. That’s when I start to perk up and get excited about getting back to the car. My absolute favorite part of exercising is that getting back to the car part. That means the exercise is OVER and I have at least 23 hours of exercise-free living ahead of me. Bliss!!! One of my favorite hobbies is sitting- seriously- I am a champion sitter. I can out-sit you any day- do not test me on this.

While we were walking, I was trying to think of things I hate more than exercising. I could only come up with extreme forms of punishment. Being burned at the stake would suck, but at least you’d be tied to the stake and could relax a bit. Being stretched on the rack would also suck. But again, you’d be able to lie down. It probably isn’t even so bad until they get to the tearing you limb from limb part. The most terrible one I could think up is probably having to sit (the sitting isn’t the problem) and listen to Nickelback’s entire catalog. Oh, you like Nickelback? Well, I didn’t mean to offend… but let’s just say you and I won’t be taking any road trips together.

Mystery flower #2

Ok,I think I’m done complaining. Now that that’s out of my system, I can tell you about the nice things that happened on this half-hearted attempt at fitness. The parks here are really nice, and the humidity hasn’t hit yet, so the weather was fantastic. The path is surrounded by tall trees, and we got to stay out of the sun. If you know me, you know I like to maintain my ghostly pallor year-round. If you don’t know me, look for the whitest white person in the room- that’ll be me. There are several bat boxes up in the trees too. They’re marked with this batman symbol because everyone knows bats can’t read English. How else would they know to live there?! Duh.

Heeeeeere batty batty batty!

The spring flowers are blooming, and the breeze was carrying their scent. I’m not familiar with all the plants here, but I am pretty sure this one is a type of honeysuckle. It’s much larger than our honeysuckle up north, so I may be wrong, feel free to correct me. It was sprinkled throughout the park, and unlike in my home state of Ohio, honeysuckle is native to Georgia.

Mystery flower number 3 - honeysuckle?

Dang, I’m looking at all these photos and thinking what a nice walk that was. I lovely little 3-mile stroll though the park on a breezy spring day. Ahhhhhhhhh. Wait a minute, who am I kidding? I still hated it! 😉

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