A Cuban is Stalking Me

17 Apr

Feel free to gaze upon my flank steak

And his name is Cuban Flank Steak. He’s filling up my inbox, he’s invading my brain, he threw himself on my table and declared, “Eat me!!” and I did.

Have you heard of Pinterest? If you haven’t I’m evicting you from that rock you’re livin’ under, and dragging you kicking and screaming into 2012. I feel like a drug pusher right now. “The first one is free,” and all that after school special crap. Do they even have after school specials anymore? Omg, I’m all over the place, that is a topic for another day. Right now I’m talking Pinterest and how you need it in your life. You thought youtube was a time sucker? Well, you haven’t met Pinterest, my friend! It really is internet crack. My name is Tina, and I’m addicted to internet crack.

Once upon a time I pinned a recipe called Cuban Flank Steak, it’s from Kalyn’s Kitchen, which has a lot of fantastic recipes by the way. Once you pin something, other pinners can re-pin it. When they do, Pinterest sends you an email. Well, it seems that flank steak is really popular with pinners, because my inbox looks like this: Cuban flank steak, Cuban flank steak, Cuban flank steak, Cuban flank steak… you get the idea. I mean, it looked good to begin with, which is why I pinned it. But now it’s stalking me, and I had to try the recipe- it was fabulous. It was my first introduction to flank steak, and the most patient husband in the world grilled it up for us.

I bought a two-pack of them at Costco, so you know I had to make a second flank steak recipe. The photo above is actually Asian Flank Steak, and if you tell Cuban flank steak that I’m cheating on him with Asian flank steak, all hell will break loose. Do not even think about it! Um, hello, I can tell you’re still thinking about it. Here is a secret… I actually liked the Asian version better. Asian flank steak is marinating in my fridge right now. BEEF, it’s what for dinner!

p.s. The rice and green beans shown in the photo are from Skinny Taste, check them out if you’re feelin’ hungry or curious- or both!

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