Monster Pile-Up

21 Feb

I’ve been busy, and I’ve got a bunch of new items to put up in the the shop.  If you look over there today, you’ll see a new set of lungs.  That’s right, I said lungs.  I mean, they won’t work if you need them surgically, but they’re novelty lungs.  I’ve got some new monsters in days to come too.

Here’s the thing- you’re taking on great responsibility when you adopt a monster or zombie.  It is your job to make sure they can’t get out into the world and cause destruction.  It’s serious stuff, and I know you don’t take it lightly.  Consider the responsibility I feel as their keeper. You could be a nut job, and I’m entrusting you with zombies.  I mean, I don’t even know you people!  One of you just waltzes up and goes, “I’ll take ’em!”  and I’m all, “Okey dokey!”  Can you believe that?

Now think about this-  I have to live with that!


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