It’s My Birthday!!!!!!!!!

2 Feb
Party animal! Er… monster.
It’s my birthday, and what am I doing?  Well, I’m sure as heck not working, and I’m sure as heck not cooking.  I’m going to be lazy and just hang around needle felting some eyeballs and zombies.  I’m sure that’s what most Americans do, right?  I’m going to do more than that though.  If you feel like it, check out The Birthday Project.
If I could give my official groundhog report, I’d say spring is on the way.  But come on, we’ve had no winter to speak of, so how could spring not be on the way?  Last year at this time I was visiting my folks up in Ohio, and we were covered with a good 3 inches of ice.  I spent my birthday trying to chip my way into a car.  Then I fell on my butt and bruised my something or other, and winced around all day.  It was awesome.  I mean, I love winter. I’m not kidding about that, but the ice was a bit much- even for me. 
If you’re a summer lover, I will trade you all my summer for your winter.  You can take summer and stick it where the sun don’t shine, and I’m not kidding about that either.  Was that rude?  Well, maybe… but it’s my birthday!  Whatcha gonna do about it?! !  Mmmmhmmmm… that’s what I thought.

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