I Get Communism From This Dress

25 Feb

Is next... evening wear.

Can we talk Project Runway for a second?  I am a huge PR fan, and I won’t bore you with my opinions, but I have to talk a little bit about this most recent episode.

One of the PR teasers this week was a clip of Isaac Mizrahi saying, “I get communism from this dress,” and it had me reeeeallllly curious as to what the communist dress would look like.  In my mind, it could be nothing other than a plain grey dress with a matching kerchief.


This has to be one of my all time favorite commercials.  I don’t remember it being on television, but way back when, there was a game called Commercial Crazies.  It came with a VHS tape to watch that contained all kinds of funny ads.  It was way too hard to play the actual game, but it was fun to just sit and watch all the commercials on the accompanying video tape.  This fashion show was just one of them.  Dang, now I’m all nostalgic and want to see that tape again.  But I digress…

Whoops, I lied! It turns out that I am going to bore you with my opinions, but just for a teensy bit, okay?  Wait a second here, I can make it less of a lie if  I pretend like you’re curious about my opinion.  Here we go.

Was Mila’s dress that terrible?  Kinda.  Was Jerell’s dress just as bad?  Absolutely.  They both looked more like costumes to me.  But I know at least one of them will sell if Wendy’s decides to remake this ad campaign.

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