Should Have Called Her Grandma

27 Jan

heeeere granny granny granny

This is my sweet pupster, and her name is Trixie.  It was a tough task to name this little girl, heaven help us if we ever need to name a human! I kinda wanted to name her something funny.  Something like Kitty, Bunny, Lily, or my favorite… Grandma.   I really think Grandma is a hilarious dog name for so many reasons.  Think of the things you say about your dog, and now sub Grandma for your dog’s name.  Funny- right?!

Aw man, Grandma is dragging her butt on the carpet again.  Yikes, what’s that smell?  I think Grandma needs a bath.  Granny’s beard is getting kinda long, time for a trim!  Oh no, Grandma pooped in her crate- bad Grandma! Bad!  Grandma is out of kibble, we need more granny chow.  Picture yourself yelling “GRAAAANDMAAAAAAA!  COME!” out the front door.  Or asking your neighbors if they’ve seen Grandma, seems she ran away again.  Probably chasing the UPS truck.

I got a good laugh out of it, but then it came down to really naming her.  When we saw that sweet little puppy face, that teensy little waggy tail, we just couldn’t do it.   We were going through names, favorite tv characters, etc.  We decided on Trixie after going through the characters on HBO’s Deadwood.  I am not sure I should tell you that the character named Trixie is a prostitute… but I think I just did.


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