I’m Back, Bitches!

14 Jan

Wait a minute, I said there would be no cussing on this site, and someone broke the rules right out of the gate!   I could even edit it and remove that, but I’m not, and that is even more disappointing.

The point is, I’m back with a brand new site, all kinds of new crafty goodness, and I may even have a laugh or two in store for you.  I don’t want to sound bossy here, but come back often to see what’s new.   You can always go lurk around my old blog if you feel like it.  It’s kinda lonely over there, but I don’t mind you if you want to be by yourself for a while.

One Response to “I’m Back, Bitches!”

  1. Elizabeth January 29, 2012 at 6:06 am #

    “I’m Back, Bitches!” is the best opening line for a blog rebirth, but you already knew that.

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