17 Jan

What could it be?!

I looooove anticipation.  I love it almost as much as the main event.  Actually, sometimes I love it even more than the main event.  That’s partly why I was so excited to come home yesterday and see these presents sitting on the hearth.

My birthday is about 2 weeks away, and these boxes are staring at me, and I kinda like it.  The gold box is heavy, and I know it is something that plugs in.  I know this because my husband loves things that plug in.  He gets cool plugger-inner things for me, then teaches me how to use them.  It’s a fantastic system, and it gives me an air of being tech-savvy.  Then people are like, “Oooh- can you fix my whatchamacallit?!”  And I’m all, “No.”

That’s because it’s all a lie.  I just masquerade as someone who knows how to use that fancy universal remote.  I am not kidding when I say I take notes and email them to myself.  Then when I forget how to use my gadget I don’t have to fess up, I just look it up and go quietly along.   I’m pretty sure that the purple one is not electronic, but you never can tell.  It could be an accessory, a book, a cd, a dvd, it could be, it could be… a pony!  But for now, it’s the anticipation of something fantastic, and that is a bonus gift in itself.

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